February 25, 2019

Beacon, A Year In The Making - A Letter From Our Chief Product Officer

Tyler Shaddix
A lighthouse on a starry night next to the words "GoGuardian Beacon Now Available"

Hello all:

A year ago, GoGuardian decided that we need to invest time and talent to build a better solution to address the mental health crisis plaguing our students. We committed to approaching this differently, and to doing things right.

We knew it would take more than applying our technical expertise and advanced machine learning platform to solve this problem in a way that it’s never been solved before. We knew that our solution needed to be wherever the students went online. We also knew that the right solution needed to be able to identify early and less obvious signs of student depression, so we partnered with schools and mental health experts all around the country to make sure that the foundation of the product was based on expert recommendations.

We are proud to announce that today, just one year later, we’ve officially launched GoGuardian Beacon - a suicide and self-harm prevention tool designed with mental health experts from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the American Association of Suicidology. Beacon conducts real-time scans across the entire internet, providing insight around non-intuitive or subtle signs of depression and anxiety. Beacon helps counselors deliver the right support at the optimal time and the tools for more engaged and productive ongoing conversations with students in need.

GoGuardian puts student potential and well-being at the center of our technology. Beacon is the latest manifestation of what happens when passionate and empathetic people pursue that mission together.

- Tyler Shaddix, Chief Product Officer