GoGuardian Fleet

Mission control for your Chrome devices

Easily track, assign, and report on your district’s Chromebooks with the leading education technology management tool. Now included with GoGuardian Admin.

K-12 device management made easy

Know the state and location of your device with advanced device management.

GoGuardian Fleet UI

Confidently track your devices

GoGuardian Fleet lets you track devices, check if a machine is working, view repair status, or allocate a loaner. You’ll spend less time wondering where your inventory is, and you’ll save valuable time by rarely having to open Google Admin Console.

Know full device status

GoGuardian Fleet makes full device information from GAC readily accessible, allowing several tasks to be accomplished in one location with ease. You won’t have to worry about manually filling in the gaps or lack of information typically associated with tools, such as spreadsheets.

Quickly assign and un-assign devices

Fast-track your Chromebook deployment process with streamlined, automated device assignment. GoGuardian Fleet gives you the data and tools you need making the check-in and check-out process simple and efficient.

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Custom-build your reports

Get the right information you need through GoGuardian Fleet’s custom report builder. GoGuardian Fleet allows you to custom-select the data points and the types of reports that you want.

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Automatically sync with GAC

Keep your device data information up to date, and save valuable time. GoGuardian Fleet automatically syncs with GAC on a nightly basis so you don’t have to double-down on data input, keeping your Chromebook inventory and student data always up to date.

about GoGuardian Fleet, part of GoGuardian Admin

And so much more

Damage and repair tracking

Get detailed device repair ticketing information, including loaner device replacement status.

Device location tracking

Know exactly where your Chromebooks are at all times, no matter their device status.

Quick assign and unassign

Fast-track your device deployment process, and save valuable time with bulk barcode scanning.

Advanced data management

Select the device data points you want to view, with full device information at your fingertips.

Bulk editing capabilities

Effortlessly import existing device and student data, and edit in bulk with ease.

Robust inventory reporting

Easily download custom reports on both device data and device repair status, and export for sharing.

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