GoGuardian on
Apple Devices

Create more effective, engaging, and safer learning in iOS and macOS environments. GoGuardian for Apple devices helps school leaders create educational environments where every student can thrive.

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What this means for you and your school

Filter anywhere

Whether students are working in a classroom or at home, they will have an improved, safer learning experience on Apple devices.

Understand key insights

You can quickly access insights on student activity and ensure they are practicing good digital citizenship across search engines, web apps, and more.

Guide exploration and focus

By viewing student work in real time, you can decide how to manage digital distractions and set guardrails specific to the subject being taught.

Create meaningful connections

Establish open channels of communication with students to build positive student-teacher relationships through one-on-one chat and face-to-face interaction.

Design effective learning environments

Provide students with immediate access to class resources, automate classroom sessions, and leverage SIS integrations to spend less time managing.

Leverage your device investment

You can fully utilize your Apple device investment by expanding coverage to students on iOS and macOS devices.

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GoGuardian Beacon for iOS and macOS

Help protect students from harm and violence.

GoGuardian Beacon helps schools support student mental health by identifying online activity that indicates a risk of suicide, self-harm, or possible harm to others. Beacon alerts designated staff to quickly activate your school’s response plan and get students help. 

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GoGuardian Teacher for iOS

Classroom-tested. Teacher-approved.

We’re excited to announce GoGuardian Teacher is now available on iOS devices and operating systems!

GoGuardian teacher helps educators create more personalized and engaging learning environments by giving teachers the ability to manage digital resources by class or individual. Teachers also gain an in-depth, real-time view into student work. And now, with GoGuardian Teacher for iOS, teachers can better leverage their 1:1 technology on more devices and give students the thoughtful guardrails they need for safer digital exploration.

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GoGuardian Admin for iOS and macOS

Admin Dashboard user interface

So much more than filtering.

GoGuardian Admin is a multi-layered content filtering solution providing full flexibility for your school's policies while drastically reducing time spent on configuration and maintenance. We unlock the potential of the internet for students while helping to block harmful and distracting content. Experience the power of continuous, content-based filtering at the browser level on Apple devices.

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Operational Details

  • Makes user reporting easy utilizing either user-injection, SAML, or Google SSO
  • Supports OU sync through Active Directory, GAC, Clever, or ClassLink
  • Browser agnostic

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