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A smarter way to manage classroom technology.

GoGuardian keeps students safe when they're online, helps teachers engage with their students, and provides schools with better control over how their technology is used. With GoGuardian, educators can harness the power of the internet for learning, without harmful content or distractions getting in the way.

GoGuardian for AdminsGoGuardian for Teachers

Why educators choose GoGuardian:

4 out of 5 GoGuardian school districts are referrals.

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Chromebooks are better with GoGuardian.

  • Schools can quickly verify ROI for Chromebook deployments of any size.

  • Administrators can easily detect serious matters such as bullying and intended suicide.

  • Teachers can gain valuable usage insights they can use to tailor instruction.

  • Students can safely navigate the internet for learning, both at school and at home.

GoGuardian for AdminsGoGuardian for Teachers