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Effective instruction for 1:1 environments

Create smart and effective digital learning environments that can be customized to meet the needs of the day — or each student.

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Personalized learning environments for digital exploration

With a real-time view into student work and the ability to manage digital resources by class or individual, GoGuardian Teacher helps teachers create engaging, personalized learning environments. Utilize your 1:1 technology confidently knowing that students have thoughtful guardrails for digital exploration.

Guide exploration and focus

Create customized browsing environments in the digital classroom and set parameters specific to the subject being taught.

Interact with student screens

Open tabs to helpful resources, close irrelevant tabs, and annotate on a student’s screen to guide them towards purposeful content and help them maintain focus.

Personalize learning resources

Tailor instruction for individuals or groups of students by creating personalized learning environments with access to resources that are specific to their learning needs.

View student progress in real time

See student work in real time to quickly identify those who are off task or struggling, and those who are ready to move on.

Manage digital distractions

Easily recognize when a student strays from assigned material and bring their attention back to the class subject at hand.

Create meaningful connections, every day

Establish open channels of communication with students to build and nurture positive student-teacher relationships.

More one-on-one engagement, in any setting

By eliminating digital distractions, you’ll have more time to meaningfully engage each student face-to-face in the classroom. With historical reporting and the ability to choose which websites to allow or block, you can feel confident leaving your computer and walking around the class to interact with students.

Connect one-on-one with students

Encourage individual students who may be shy or are struggling to complete coursework by messaging directly with them.

Humanize remote instruction

If you’re not physically present with your students, you can still meet with students one-on-one, or initiate a group call to collaborate with the whole class. Deliver class content using screen-sharing capabilities so students can engage with live instruction as you present it.

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Design effective learning environments

Set the tone for your classroom and curate the right digital environment.

  • Curate effective digital environments by creating saved lists of commonly-used websites so they’re easily accessible for future classes.
  • Apply a default Scene that automatically opens preferred tabs to quickly get your whole class on the same page, providing students with immediate access to the resources they need for the lesson.
  • Schedule your sessions to run at specific times and dates so that lessons start on time, every time, both digitally and physically in the classroom.

Include key classroom teachers

Add co-teachers and teacher aides to your GoGuardian class, equipping them with the digital instruction tools needed to create a more supportive learning experience for all your students.

Utilize effortless integrations

Teach confidently knowing your class rosters are automatically updating, letting Clever, Classlink, and Google Classroom integrations do the hard work for you. Spend less time managing assignments and more time connecting with your students.

GoGuardian Teacher Learning Science

GoGuardian Teacher is designed to support effective teaching strategies for exploration, focus, and connection, making it easier for teachers to follow the best practices that improve learning outcomes for all students. The logic model below illustrates how GoGuardian Teacher’s features are designed to support the instructional experience and related outcomes.

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And so much more

View Student Screens

See student work in real time, and easily identify those who are struggling or may need more guidance.

Direct Chat & Announcements

Deliver instruction to the whole class, or chat privately with individual students without disrupting the rest of the class.


Off-Task Alerts

Receive an automatic alert when a student goes off-task or off-subject.

Customize Student Browsing

Allow or block specific websites while keeping the internet open — perfect for testing.

Video Conferencing

Meet with students 1:1 or in groups, present to the class, and record live presentations to distribute later.

Integration with Google Classroom

Access and distribute your Google Classroom assignments and materials from within GoGuardian Teacher.

Interact with Student Screens

Open tabs to helpful resources, annotate on a student’s screen, close irrelevant tabs, lock screens, and more.

Differentiated Learning Environments

Personalize digital learning environments for individuals or groups of students — even when they’re in the same class.

Enhanced Reporting

Email reports of student browsing activity from a classroom session to keep parents and administrators informed.

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