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Introducing Video

The video conferencing solution built for K-12. Connect with students and manage your classroom, all from within GoGuardian Teacher.

Teach face-to-face

Deliver instruction, keep students on-task, and stay connected to students wherever they learn.

Run your classroom from anywhere

Connect with students

Deliver instruction through audio, video, chat, or virtual lecture options—one on one or with the whole class.

Keep students focused

See what students are doing on their devices, and keep them on-task, even while video conferencing.

Stay in control

Control functions at different levels—teachers at the classroom level and administrators at the policy level around mics, webcams, and recordings.

Teach anywhere. Learn anywhere.
Connect anywhere.

Easy for students

Select which students to present to or call. No links or specific meeting times required.

Safe and secure

Support privacy components within a school setting with a trusted vendor and specific administrator controls.

Lesson accessibility

Record and share lessons with students to keep them from falling behind while absent.

Visibility during conferencing

View students' screens during video conferencing to ensure students are on-task and engaged in learning.

Compatibility across devices

Connect from anywhere on Chromebooks, PCs, or any desktop device that lets students sign into the Chrome browser.

Synchronous instruction

Use screen sharing to make sure all of your students are on the same page and following along with the lesson.

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Included as part of GoGuardian Suite

Deliver instruction, encourage collaboration, and stay connected to students wherever they learn.

  • Group or 1:1 audio and video calling
  • Get up and running in minutes
  • Safe and secure
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