Creating classrooms where every student can thrive.

With simple tools to help assess student progress and more ways to demonstrate student understanding, Pear Deck and Pear Assessmnet help educators support individual learning journeys.

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Instruction & Assessment Solutions

Pear Deck Learning

Created by educators, Pear Deck Learning helps teachers engage students in proven instructional strategies using tools you know and love, like Google Slides and PowerPoint Online. With solutions rooted in active learning and formative assessment, we make it easy to connect with every student, every day.

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Pear Assessment

Pear Assessment (formerly Edulsatic) is the all-in-one assessment tool for K-12. With school and district-wide insights, administrators can identify trends and needs to better support instruction, while teachers can easily administer diagnostic or curriculum-aligned assessments to identify learning gaps and support individual student needs.

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Identify learning gaps and accelerate academic progress

Track standards mastery, identify learning gaps, and get instant insights that guide instruction with Pear Assessment's robust assessment data — for each student or for the whole district.

With Pear Deck’s powerful Teacher Dashboard, teachers and co-teachers can adjust the pace of a lesson based on real-time insights into student understanding, providing immediate support when needed.

Engage effectively in the classroom

Pear Deck Learning makes it easy for teachers to prompt discussion, reflection, and build critical thinking skills, while students enjoy more ways to express their unique perspective through Text, Number, Drawing, Draggable™, and Multiple Choice response types.

With Pear Assessment assignments, educators can embed multimedia, monitor progress on the Live Class Board, and engage students with over 50 technology-enhanced Items including Drag and Drop, Hotspot, Sequence, and Graphing questions.

Put every student on the path to success

Pear Deck and Pear Assessment are a power duo that gives educators the insight needed to level up student engagement and content mastery, making your instructional time more impactful.

With Pear Deck you’ll be delivering engaging lessons and quick-checks, while meeting students on a social-emotional level. Followed-up with Pear Assessment, you’ll dive deeper to understand whether students are mastering essential learning standards with the help of instant student data — insight you can take into the next day’s lesson.

Using Pear Deck and Pear Assessment

Pear Deck and Pear Assessment make learning possible whether you're in the classroom, teaching remotely, or need to pivot between the two. Asynchronous or synchronous learning? Your choice!

Engage students in proven instructional strategies, synchronously or at their own pace.

Evaluate student understanding and adjust instruction with real-time insight into student work.

Quickly identify learning gaps with diagnostic and formative assessments.

Give students differentiated assignments to remediate, reinforce or challenge.

Embed multimedia, ask different types of technology-enhanced questions, and access accessibility tools that make activities and assignments work for everyone!

Drive your instructional decisions with high-quality student data gleaned from Pear Assessment formative and summative assessments.

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