The GoGuardian Learning System

Our award-winning system of learning tools is purpose-built for K-12 and trusted by school leaders to promote effective teaching and equitable engagement, while helping empower educators to keep students safe.

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With the GoGuardian Learning System schools can:

  • Identify learning gaps and accelerate academic progress
  • Encourage and measure student engagement
  • Create safer learning environments
  • Streamline device, user, and app management

Instruction & Assessment Solutions

Identify learning gaps, accelerate academic progress, and encourage student engagement.

Pear Deck Learning

Created by educators, Pear Deck helps teachers engage students in proven instructional strategies — in person or from afar — using tools you know and love, like Google Slides and PowerPoint Online. With solutions rooted in active learning and formative assessment, we make it easy to connect with every student in class across every subject and every grade, every day.

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GoGuardian Teacher

With a real-time view into student work and the ability to manage digital resources by class or individual, GoGuardian Teacher helps teachers create engaging, personalized learning environments. Utilize your 1:1 technology confidently knowing that students have thoughtful guardrails for digital exploration.

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Pear Assessment

Pear Assessment (formerly Edulastic) is the all-in-one assessment tool for K-12. With school and district-wide insights, administrators can identify trends to better support instruction, while teachers can easily administer diagnostic or curriculum-aligned assessments to identify learning gaps and support individual needs.

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Safety & Security Solutions

Create safer learning environments and streamline device, user, and app management

GoGuardian Admin

Create effective digital learning environments with GoGuardian Admin’s award-winning filtering and device management solution. Intuitive dashboards allow tech leaders to understand browsing trends, identify concerning activity, and take corrective action.

GoGuardian Beacon

Notify designated staff about online activity that indicates a risk of suicide, self-harm, or possible harm to others.¹ 24/7 support included.

Admin Dashboard user interface

Smart integrations with tools schools rely on

Your students and teachers, technology program, and learning goals require solutions that can be tailored to meet your district’s unique needs. Our team’s thoughtful approach to onboarding ensures that GoGuardian solutions fit into your specific learning environment.

Benefits of a Learning Solution

One contract, one invoice, one partner.

Save time and paperwork with one contract, one invoice, and one supplier. GoGuardian Learning System minimizes software and data compatibility issues and saves costs by providing access to everything your district needs from a single supplier.

Your priorities are our priorities.

We’ll be your partner every step of the way—from onboarding and online training, to professional development and world-class support.

Efficient access management.

GoGuardian Learning System allows IT Leaders to configure and manage products, users, integrations, and devices all from one place.

Join the 14,000+ schools and districts creating safer and more effective learning environments with GoGuardian.

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