July 2, 2020

The New and Improved GoGuardian Fleet

GoGuardian Team
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The leading education technology management tool that makes it easy to manage your district’s Chromebooks has received major improvements to its features and UX interface.

We know that as this unusual school year comes to a close, IT Admins are busier than ever facilitating remote learning and device deployment for your students and teachers. In order to support you, we are proud to announce the release of our new and improved device management solution, GoGuardian Fleet™.

Cumbersome, complicated, and manual device management solutions can sometimes result in incorrect data reports on where a device is. IT Admins need a straightforward device management tool that is simple to use and accurate in its inventory recording so that you know the status of your Chromebooks at all times—including device location, loaner machines, and repair devices.

GoGuardian Fleet's new hassle-free, clean, and organized interface makes device assignment straightforward, repair inventory easy to track, and data analytics reports simple to export.

  • Dedicated repair/damage tracking details
    Get detailed device repair ticketing information, including loaner device replacement status.
  • In-depth device tracking
    Know exactly where your Chromebooks are at all times, no matter their device status.
  • Quick assign and unassign
    Fast-track your device deployment process, and save valuable time with bulk barcode scanning.
  • Advanced data management
    Select the device data points you want to view, with full device information at your fingertips.
  • Bulk edit capabilities
    Effortlessly import existing device and student data, and edit in bulk with ease.
  • Robust inventory reporting
    Easily download custom reports on both device data and device repair status, and export for sharing.
  • Seamless GAC sync
    Automatically sync with GAC so you don’t have to double-down on data input.

What’s new with GoGuardian Fleet?

1. Quick Assign & Unassign of Devices

Fast-track your Chromebook deployment process with streamlined, automated device assignment.

Fleet - Assign / Unassign

One of the biggest tasks and challenges that you might face as an IT Admin is the uncertainty at the beginning and end of the school year when you’re trying to get your Chromebooks to and from your students. How do you get through the process of issuing out hundreds or even thousands of devices using manually updated management tools or spreadsheets?

As an IT Admin, you need an automated process to barcode scan devices in and out, and the process needs to be accurate, time-saving, and able to process multiple units at once. GoGuardian Fleet gives you the data and tools you need making the check-in and check-out process simple and efficient.

2. Device Management

Know the state and location of your device with advanced device management.

Fleet - device management double header

Confidently track your devices:

Your school or district inventory is an ever-changing ecosystem of devices that are either working, broken, lost, in for repair, or out for loan; and you want to be able to confidently move devices from one state to another and track them with ease.

With GoGuardian Fleet, it is easy to check if a machine is working, track a repair status, or allocate a loaner. You’ll spend less time wondering where your inventory is, and you’ll save valuable time by never having to open Google Admin Console.

Know full device status information:

Your Chromebook device information should be more than just a basic list of student names and serial numbers. For a successful device management system to be efficient, you also need to know important data points, like device model, OS version, and the firmware version. You shouldn’t have to worry about manually filling in the gaps or lack of information typically associated with tools, such as spreadsheets.

GoGuardian Fleet makes full device information from GAC readily accessible, allowing several tasks to be accomplished in one location, with ease.

3. Custom Reporting

Get the right information you need through GoGuardian Fleet’s custom report builder.

Fleet - export repair data

Every company says their product has reports, but these are often little better than inflexible, data dumps containing too much information, requiring you to sift through mountains of data that you don’t actually need.

GoGuardian Fleet allows you to custom-select the data points and the types of reports that you want. This is extremely useful when you need to know device allocation, status of devices in the repair bay, how many units are out for loan, and other important views into your fleet of devices. The ability to customize outputs allows you to cut through the noise, getting you the right data when you want it. You can also export reports to a CSV file for ease of sharing information with your team.

4. Nightly Data Sync

Keep your device data information up to date, and save valuable time.

Many schools and districts use device management tools that don't regularly sync with Google Admin Console, which often creates data issues with device deployment and requires a lot of manual input. Keeping track of student and device information via a spreadsheet causes headaches because the spreadsheets aren’t often in sync. If you update records in one spreadsheet, you then have to update it somewhere else in your system. GAC’s interface can also be slow and cumbersome, often with extra steps needed to process data, adding to your frustration.

GoGuardian Fleet does the hard work for you by automatically syncing with GAC on a nightly basis, keeping your Chromebook inventory and student data always up to date. You’ll save valuable man hours and extra process steps by using Fleet’s integrated interface to upload and maintain your Chromebook inventory.

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