June 17, 2024

Navigating the AI Landscape: GoGuardian's Role in the EdSAFE AI Industry Council

GoGuardian Team
The letters "SAFE" in different colors

The rush to embrace AI tools in the classroom can be overwhelming for educators and administrators alike. With so many unknowns, how do they navigate the sea of options while ensuring they select tools they can trust? 

At GoGuardian, we believe innovation and our commitment to prioritizing value for teachers and students are not mutually exclusive; rather, we emphasize our dedication to crafting tools that support educators and administrators in the crucial work they do every day.

As we continuously integrate AI into our suite of edtech tools, we are actively taking steps to participate and drive conversation around responsible and effective AI adoption in education technology. 

Teddy Hartman, our Head of Privacy and Trust, is at the forefront of our commitment to responsible AI and represents GoGuardian on the EDSAFE AI Industry Council. 

This group includes leading education and technology companies, such as Carnegie Learning, McGraw Hill, Google, and Kyron Learning, committed to ensuring artificial intelligence and related technologies – in their own companies’ solutions and across the education landscape – are safe, accountable, fair, and effective (SAFE). ​Members of the Industry Council inform, support, and advocate for smart, EDSAFE-aligned public policy and principles; participate in knowledge sharing; and help equip the adoption of SAFE technologies in collaboration with other Steering Committee groups.

Joining the council marks an initial stride in fostering trust in AI tools, showcasing our unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability across our product range. We believe this group will play a pivotal role in school product development and progressively shape discussions surrounding AI in classrooms, firmly anchored in the needs of both educators and learners.

"We want to be a trusted partner for teachers, especially in this Brave New World of AI," Hartman explains. By aligning with a coalition focused on ethical AI practices, as well as crafting our own Responsible AI Principles, GoGuardian reaffirms its commitment to supporting educators in navigating the complexities of AI integration.

The more you know, the more you grow (responsibly)

But how does GoGuardian's participation in the council help shape its own AI products? Initiatives like the Innovation Incubator, where we collaborate with teachers to refine features, is a practice that often garners applause from educators.

Tyler Shaddix, Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder of GoGuardian, says, "We build our products hand-in-hand with educators, ensuring they are grounded in thorough research and learning science. By giving our customers an active voice in product development, and by rigorous evaluation of the impact of our products in classrooms, we can ensure students and educators are getting useful, high-quality tools."

Sharad Gupta, Chief Product Officer of GoGuardian, emphasizes the company's commitment to AI, stating, "We harness the power of AI to enhance customer value in our products. However, we also recognize the necessity of responsible AI. Therefore, we are implementing safeguards to ensure fairness by assessing potential biases and maintaining reliability through ongoing user feedback and thorough metric analysis."

"We're on the right path," Hartman adds, suggesting the council's insights will further inform GoGuardian's product roadmap, enhancing features that will continue to contribute to building trust and credibility.

Tackling the prevailing misconception that AI tends to cause more harm than good in education is a crucial task. This is why GoGuardian’s involvement with the EDSAFE council is so vital in reshaping the narrative around its usage. Together, we aim to promote responsible and beneficial AI integration within educational settings, ensuring the technology is used for the good of educators and students alike.

Hartman urges educators to view AI within the context of specific products and features. He advocates for a trial-and-feedback approach, where educators can experience firsthand the benefits of AI integration in their classrooms.

"It's not just about being first; it's about being right," he continued, echoing sentiments shared by educators who value thoughtful innovation over rushed releases. Our approach emphasizes human oversight and collaboration, ensuring AI complements, rather than replaces, teachers' expertise.

Don’t fear the future - prepare for it

Hartman sees GoGuardian as a beacon of educator-centric innovation, carving out a unique lane built on caring teams and thoughtful product development. “Our involvement in the EDSAFE AI Industry Council signifies more than just a commitment to responsible AI practices — it's a testament to our dedication to empowering educators and administrators,” he says. By championing transparency, accountability, and responsible innovation, we set a higher standard for the industry, ensuring AI serves as a tool for enhancement, not detriment, in the classroom.