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Join the schools and districts in Maryland improving digital classroom management with technology that teachers embrace and IT teams love. Pairing GoGuardian Admin and GoGuardian Teacher unlocks more insight, customization, and efficiency for better digital learning.

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Creating guardrails for safer, more effective learning

IT leaders need solutions that are easy to use and highly effective. Designed to work together, GoGuardian Teacher and GoGuardian Admin empower the partnership between teachers and technology teams to create digital learning environments that enhance — not interrupt — instruction.

Bringing IT and Instruction Together

Learn how this powerful integration creates a unique solution to support a safe and focused digital learning environment.

Downey, California Case Study

Take a first-hand look at the difference GoGuardian Teacher has made in the lives of teachers and students.

10 Steps to Designing More Effective Digital Learning Environments

Let this guide assist you in ensuring your tech solutions create an engaging, personalized classroom experience.

Effective instruction for 1:1 environments

Learn how GoGuardian Teacher creates smart and effective digital learning environments that can be customized to meet the needs of the day — or each student.

Learn how GoGuardian Teacher’s features are designed to support the instructional experience and improve outcomes. View our logic model here.

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Educator Monica Burns highlights ways that GoGuardian Teacher helps educators differentiate learning and streamline instruction. Read her piece here.

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