May 6, 2019

Teacher Appreciation Week Overview: Teacher Spotlight Series "Teachers, We Thank You"

GoGuardian Team
A teacher standing in a classroom

Established in 1985 by the Parent Teacher Association, National Teacher Appreciation Week is a time when we all take pause to give gratitude to those special individuals that have made and continue to make, an impact on us and our youth. Teachers.

From Ms. Weber’s kindergarten class that taught us empathy to math lessons by Mr. Read in the fourth grade - we all have teachers that have helped inspire, guide and transform us throughout our educational career.

They have always been beacons in our life and we want to celebrate the incredible work they do by highlighting some of our own teachers that use GoGuardian. Throughout this week, we’ll be featuring and asking a few of those teachers to reflect on their own teaching journey, who inspired them and what they love most about teaching.

To kick things off, Kadejah McCoy from North Little Rock High School in North Little Rock, AR shares her teaching journey and how and why her Spanish teacher in eighth grade inspired her. Kadejah teaches Spanish and is a sponsor for the high schools’ Spanish Club, GSA, and Mental Health Awareness Club. Thank you for sharing your story, Kadejah!