May 5, 2022

K-12 Resources for Mental Health Awareness Month

GoGuardian Team
An illustration of a woman holding an umbrella over a child

Designated as Mental Health Awareness Month, May is a time to shine a spotlight on mental health issues and help reduce the stigma so many experience — challenges educators uniquely encounter and respond to on a daily basis. It also happens to coincide with spring, the season in which research consistently finds higher levels of suicide attempts and ideation.¹⁻²

This spring, students may be returning to testing rhythms that were adjusted or eliminated during the pandemic, adding additional stress for all students, not just those with acute mental health challenges. 

To help educational leaders in supporting student mental health — this month and every month — we’ve partnered with mental health experts to create a collection of practical resources. The resources cover areas such as social emotional learning, school-home partnerships to support student mental health, a model school policy for suicide prevention, and career-sustaining care for educators. 

Below you’ll find a collection of insightful, actionable articles to help support you and your students.

Suicide Prevention & Addressing the Youth Mental Health Crisis

Mental Health Support for Educators

Building School-Home Partnerships to Support Student Safety

  • How PTAs Can Prioritize Student Safety and Privacy Online
    The National PTA understands the careful balance that must be found when weighing student safety and privacy in digital learning tools. In this blog post, the PTA asks, “How can families and schools partner to ensure student safety and privacy at the same time?”

  • Collaborating to Support Student Mental Health: A Conversation Recap
    Educational leaders and mental health experts in Tennessee offer a look at their collaborative strategies to support student mental health. As part of the discussion, panelists share insight and advice other districts and professionals can use to provide well-rounded mental health support for students.

Authentic Social-Emotional Learning

  • Helping Students Create Healthy Relationships
    Counselor Michael E. Creekmore Jr. examines what teachers can do to help students create and maintain healthy relationships in the digital era — particularly in the wake of pandemic-driven isolation and distancing.

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