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GoGuardian's Wellness Resource Center

Resources for implementing wellness in schools, staff, and students

Wellness helps students and staff function to their fullest potential

Education experience

Wellbeing increases students’ ability to deal with academic setbacks and challenges

Increased attendance

Chronic absenteeism is related to physical health, mental health, safety issues and social factors

Improved staff retention

Teacher burnout and staff retention is improved when there is a culture of wellness

Stimulates learning

Positive mental health allows children to think clearly, develop socially and learn new skills

Promotes productivity

Happy people are 13% more productive

Reduced staff absenteeism

Staff miss less days when they are able to prioritize their own emotional, physical, and financial health

Learn how to support wellness in schools

In this fall 2022 presentation, Chelsey Davenport, Wellness Coordinator at Neosho School District (Mo.) & Freeman Health System, and Tracy Clements, former Director of Counseling Services, share how to support student mental health and wellness in K-12 schools.

Mental health resources

Get insight from current and former educators, subject matter experts, and more.

Supporting student and educator mental health

Download our new mental health guide for expert advice on supporting student and educator mental health this upcoming year.

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