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GoGuardian has partnered with DDOE and DTI to help keep students safe and focused in digital learning spaces. We believe that digital learning can meaningfully advance educational outcomes, but we also understand the need to monitor, manage, and filter the content on student devices. That’s where our work together begins!

The state of Delaware has provided the following tools to your district at no cost:

As a district within Delaware, you will also have access to the following tools at a special price:

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Please reach out to your CSM for more information on GoGuardian products.

Note: Keep procurement parameters for your district/charter in mind. Reach out to Alyssa Moore at DDOE for more information.

What to Expect: GoGuardian Statewide Rollout

A statewide rollout of any technology tool is complex, but we’re with you every step of the way.

Initial Outreach

GoGuardian provides a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to every district in Delaware. Your dedicated CSM will be reaching out to you between May 31, 2021 and June 14, 2021 to schedule implementation and configuration of GoGuardian products.

Deployment and Installation of GoGuardian for IT Administrators

GoGuardian provides a dedicated team Implementation Specialists who work with every district to ensure that our solutions are deployed and fully operational as soon as possible.

The table to the left provides a breakdown of the technical categories of deployments and estimated time frames for each. Our team will spend additional time with any district requiring further support.

GoGuardian Beacon™ Configuration and Training

GoGuardian provides a dedicated team of Beacon-specific implementation specialists to guide districts through the process of configuring, training and implementing best practices.

Required Training Sessions by User

Super User

June 2021

Chromebook Installation

Who should attend: IT Admins

GoGuardian is installed on district Chromebooks.

June 2021

GoGuardian Admin Configuration

Who should attend: IT Admins

Small group training (1 hour) to configure and train on the following:

  • Filtering and Triggers
  • Data monitoring & reports
  • Best Practices
  • General QA
June - July 2021


Who should attend:

Configuration session (45-min) to configure the following:

  • Beacon deployments
  • Beacon Settings Orientation
  • General QA
July 2021

Windows Install

Who should attend: IT Admins

GoGuardian is installed on district Windows devices.

August 2021

Mac Install

Who should attend: IT Admins

GoGuardian is installed on district Mac devices.

Your CSM emailed you to schedule training.

Didn't see it?

Please contact csm@goguardian.com to schedule an appointment.


August - September 2021

GoGuardian Admin Training

Who should attend: Building Admins

Webinar (45-min) for principals and site techs to review:

  • Reports
  • Smart Alerts Monitoring
  • General QA

Registration info to come.

August - September 2021

GoGuardian Beacon Training

Who should attend: Building Admins and Counselors

Webinar (45-min) for counselors, deans and principals to review:

  • Monitoring and Reviewing Alerts
  • General QA

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact for help?

Your Customer Success Manager - they emailed you this document! You can also contact support 24/7 on our website.

Are there self-onboarding materials?

Glad you asked. Yes - check out this GoGuardian Super User Onboarding Course.

Can I use the self-onboarding materials for Chromebook installations?


Can I use self-onboarding materials for Windows and iPad/Mac installations?

We don’t recommend it. It can get tricky.

Are there training materials for building admins, counselors, teachers, etc...?

Yes! GoGuardian University is a great resource for end-users to explore and earn certifications. There are also on-demand webinars for GoGuardian Admin and GoGuardian Beacon.

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