Suite + Pear Deck

Built for digital districts. Unify your classroom engagement, filtering and monitoring, and student safety tools into a single suite. Get all of our products to support a simplified digital teaching environment for in-class and remote learning.

Classroom Engagement

Engage students, manage your classroom, gather insights, and adapt instruction to create more powerful learning moments for every student, every day.

Pear Deck

Founded by educators, Pear Deck helps teachers engage students in proven instructional strategies — whether in person or from afar — using tools you know and love, like Google Slides and PowerPoint Online.

GoGuardian Teacher

Eliminate distractions, connect with students, and save time with K-12’s leading classroom management software.

Video Conferencing

The video conferencing solution built for K-12. Connect with students and manage your classroom, all within GoGuardian.

Filtering & Monitoring

Filter and monitor any device, any OS, with K-12’s most powerful content filtering bundle. All of these tools are included with Suite + Pear Deck.

GoGuardian Admin

Filter and monitor any school device or OS with K-12’s most powerful content filter, whether on-site or remote.

Help keep users safe on all devices, including BYOD with a DNS filtering solution built specifically for education.

GoGuardian Fleet

Easily track, assign, and report on your district’s Chromebooks with the leading education technology management tool.

GoGuardian Parent App

Give parents direct access to student online activity reports and filtering controls at home, while reducing work for school staff.

Student Safety

Identify students who are at risk of suicide or possible harm
to others through threats, violence, and bullying.

GoGuardian Beacon

Identify students who are at risk of suicide or possible harm to others through threats, violence, and bullying.

24/7 Add-on

A dedicated team of safety specialists review and escalate active planning alerts 24 hours a day.

Teach anywhere. Learn anywhere.
Connect anywhere.

One contract, one invoice, one vendor

GoGuardian Suite minimizes software compatibility issues and saves costs by providing access to everything your district needs from one vendor.

Success from day one

Get up and running quickly with an implementation team dedicated to configuring the GoGuardian Suite+ Pear Deck to match your school or district's objectives.

1:1, in a single pane of glass

GoGuardian Suite allows you to configure and manage your products, users, and devices all from one dashboard. Easily share data, and report on trends and usage at all levels of your organization.

Free user training courses

Whether you are an IT Admin setting up district-level configurations or an individual educator, we have a course for you. Prove your expertise through our certification programs.

Join our growing community

Over 500,000+ educators use and love GoGuardian+ Pear Deck. Participate in our customer advisory board to give feedback, share insights, and partner with other school leaders across our expanding network.

Any device, anywhere

Seamlessly integrate multiple device types and platforms into your 1:1 deployment. From Chromebooks and Apple devices to Windows and BYOD, GoGuardian’s suite of tools can help keep your students safe on any device.

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