Google for Education

At GoGuardian, we understand the transformative role that Google plays in education.

That's why we've partnered with Google to bring you a seamless integration that empowers educators and students alike. Learning thrives when students are empowered to explore, observe, and question. To ask “what if” and imagine new possibilities. And when they have the confidence to believe in their potential.

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GoGuardian's digital solutions integrate with Google for Education

Google for Education
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Tools to transform learning, nurture the joy of discovery, and improve outcomes for students.

Discover how GoGuardian, Pear Deck, and Edulastic products create safer, more engaging, and more productive learning experiences for Google schools.

Streamlined Workflows

Benefit from optimal integrations with Chrome, Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Admin Console, and Gmail, enabling educators and schools to streamline their workflows to create personalized and effective learning environments for digital exploration.


Create safer, custom digital learning experiences

GoGuardian Admin's robust web filtering and GoGuardian Teacher's classroom management capabilities support the best classroom experience. Explore the harmonious integrations of GoGuardian products with Chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education apps, offering powerful and innovative solutions for educators and schools that rely on Google's services and products.

Create interactive presentations and more

With Pear Deck, users can create interactive presentations, add formative assessments, and engage students in real time using Google Workspace apps to improve learning as well as equitable outcomes. As a Google-certified application, Pear Deck fully integrates within the Google ecosystem and teachers utilize Pear Deck to create personalized lessons, assign homework, and track student progress through Google Classroom to support proven strategies in daily classroom instruction.


Teachers and students can sign in to Pear Deck with their Gmail accounts and use Slides, Sheets, Docs and Drive to teach, learn, and work together.

cross-platform sharing

With Google Classroom options such as grade syncing and assignment sharing, and direct links to Google Docs, Slides, and Forms, Edulastic makes it easy to share grades and assignments between platforms, while providing additional resources to students.

Powerful insights through data

Edulastic provides instant data for teachers to easily administer formative or curriculum-aligned assessments, evaluate individual progress, identify learning gaps, and inform instruction. Edulastic effortlessly integrates with Google Workspace apps, enhancing its effectiveness in putting every student on their path to success with instant data-driven insights and tracked standards mastery, leading to a more engaged classroom.

Customer success stories

Empowering learning at Google schools

Thanks to their classroom tech, teachers at Wichita ISD can give students the one-on-one support they need to shine.

At Redding School District, eliminating distracting content on YouTube doesn’t mean eliminating YouTube entirely.

From updating software to tracking repairs, Tuckerton Elementary efficiently manages hundreds of Chromebooks.

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