New state funding
for safer, more connected schools

The General Assembly of North Carolina just passed a bill that allocates $16M for technology that helps public schools mitigate cyberbullying, manage educational technology, and prevent self-harm.

With our suite of classroom management and student safety solutions, GoGuardian has helped more than 14,000 schools do just that.

North Carolina public schools are receiving a total of $360 million in federal funding.

Thank you to the education leaders in the House and Senate for bringing this funding to districts across North Carolina.

$16 million of this funding is allotted for schools to contract with “third-party entities” like GoGuardian to help:

  • mitigate cyberbullying
  • manage student internet activity
  • manage classroom educational devices
  • assist with suicide prevention services

See for yourself why GoGuardian is the all-in-one safety and educational technology solution for K-12.

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1. GoGuardian Beacon serves as one data point of a school's overall suicide prevention program.