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March 15, 2023

New Roles and Permission Enhancements for GoGuardian Admin and Organization Management

GoGuardian Team

If you’re a school technology leader, you’ve probably experienced system downtime because someone made a change they weren’t supposed to. Frustrating, right? In addition to human error, many school districts are seeing a rise in turnover among technology leaders and administrators, opening the possibility for mishaps while transferring access and roles. That’s why — with cybersecurity, instructional time, and efficiency top of mind — Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is a must-have feature for edtech platforms.

RBAC is a security approach that restricts system access based on the roles of individual users within an organization. In education, RBAC can control access to various resources, data, and tools, ensuring users only have access to information critical to their role.  

We’re excited for you to try out the new RBAC features for GoGuardian Admin and Organization Management, so you can assign more granular roles for users and customize them as needed. RBAC provides different levels of access for different users. For example, administrators may have access to all features and data in the system, while other customized roles may only have access to a specific set of features within each product. RBAC can also ensure sensitive data, like personal information, is only accessible by authorized personnel.

Here’s what you can expect from GoGuardian’s new RBAC features:

  • Organization Management RBAC: Admins can create custom roles to control which pages their users can view and edit in Organization Management.

  • Admin RBAC: Admins can create custom roles to control which pages users can view and edit in GoGuardian Admin.

  • Organization Management OU Permissions: Admins can restrict which OUs each user can interact with in Organization Management. 

Data security and management have become increasingly prominent concerns as technology becomes more integral to education management. Data breaches jeopardize the confidentiality of student, parent, and staff data and can result in the loss of trust from the community and major stakeholders. Safeguard your system from breaches or accidental platform changes and streamline processes with GoGuardian’s new RBAC features for a more proactive edtech management. 

To learn more about the new permission enhancements, reach out to your account representative or request a free trial of GoGuardian.

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