May 10, 2016

How To Tell Which OS Your Chromebook Fleet is Running

GoGuardian Team
Chromebook with words "Find the OS of your Chromebook Fleet"

Why is Knowing The Version Important?

There are a few reasons you might need to know which version a specific Chromebook in your Fleet of OUs is running.

  1. Most importantly, because 99% of the time, having the most recent ChromeOS version is extremely important. It typically ensures that all features are available and running at full capacity.
  2. Many states that conduct standardized testing online mandate the version students need to use to take the test.
  3. Some third party apps require the most recently updated version of ChromeOS to be completely stable. However, sometimes, other versions of the ChromeOS will be required -- for example, many State Testing applications (as mentioned in the previous point) require an older version of ChromeOS to be installed on the devices.
  4. To be able to generally tell that all Chromebooks are on the exact OS that you would like for them to be running. Typically, the ChromeOS should update automatically, and there is also a Google Admin Console setting that will allow for forced updates, however, sometimes, for various reasons, these updates do not occur.

How Can I Ensure All Chromebooks are Running the Right Version?

There are a few options you have as an Admin to check on this. The Google Admin Console currently requires each device to be checked on individually, but there are some options listed below to streamline this and check on multiple devices at once.

  1. ChromebookInventory Sheets Add-On
  2. GAM - Google Apps Manager
  3. In the Admin Console it is possible to go to Reports>Aggregated Reports, click on Accounts (will show in blue) and change that to Chrome Devices. Then scroll to the bottom, hit the Download Button by Chrome Devices, and count by version. This is a very rudimentary way of ensuring the Chromebooks are on the right OS version, as it will not give the incremental versions, or, the OUs that the Chromebooks are in, but in a pinch it will work.
  4. GoGuardian Fleet