August 20, 2021

Five GoGuardian Privacy Settings to Support Your Privacy Check-Up

GoGuardian Team
A blue background with the words "Five GoGuardian Privacy Settings to Support Your Privacy Check-Up"

It’s that time of year when the privacy and security within your EdTech tools require a check-up.

As such, we want to share some privacy settings and unique upcoming additions within GoGuardian’s tools to help you, your school community, and your students to better understand how GoGuardian can support your technology policies and safety needs.

1. New visible icon within the browser

A new school-like icon badge appears on the left-hand side within the browser when GoGuardian is active on a school-managed account and/or device. A message will pop out when a browser is first opened and when a user hovers over this icon. The message will read: “Information on this screen can be visible to the school to keep you secure and scholarly while you’re online. Please reach out to the school for more information.” This intentional effort facilitates more visibility and transparency around when GoGuardian is active on a school-managed account and/or device for your school.

2. Student-focused privacy features in video conferencing

The video conferencing feature in GoGuardian Teacher™ helps ensure the teacher and student connection can take place through video and audio. Student-centered privacy controls exist within this feature. Students have the ability to decline calls initiated by a teacher, disable their microphone (both before joining the call and anytime during the call), disable their webcam (both before joining the call and anytime during the call), leave a call at any time, and decline to be recorded — all while still enabling them to join a call and listen to the teacher.

3. Extension Transparency

IT admins can enable a new feature to allow students to get more information from the GoGuardian extension. When a teacher starts a session, the extension will change colors, indicating to students that they’re in an active GoGuardian Teacher session. Additionally, students can also click on the GoGuardian extension during an active session to get a pop-up message detailing more session information, such as teacher name and session name.

4. Out of School Hours setting

IT admins have the option to turn on or off monitoring for “Out of School Hours”. This provides more flexibility, especially for schools and students who may be learning in online or hybrid learning environments. This option supports learning continuity, while also giving space to customize when monitoring happens on school-managed accounts.

5. Roles, permissions, and access protocols

We’ve made it easy for users to identify which roles have access and control over their settings within GoGuardian’s products. In this help center article, you can find the specific how-to guide to getting users set up and running, all without compromising safety and security within your GoGuardian deployment.