May 23, 2019

9 Tips for Prepping for Summer: K12 Admin Edition

GoGuardian Team
A man works on a laptop

As the school year comes to an end, seasoned K-12 administrators know that the chaos is just getting started. From Chromebook collection, to month long projects and getting everything ready for the following year, check out these handy tips for getting ready for summer.

Google Suite for Education:

  • Procurement Tracker: Using Google sheets, create your own procurement tracker. Track all of your edtech purchases, including information like usage, efficacy, total cost, login information, etc. Having everything all together makes renewal time a breeze!
  • Project Planner: Using Google docs or Google sheets, create a detailed timeline of projects you wish to create during the summer, including a work-back timeline and budget information. Start this early so you can hit the ground running in June!


  • Create a student-run tech-team to help you with any and all of your technology needs before, during or after summer.
  • This tech-team can do things like pre-surveying all of the 1:1 devices in the building for damage, to ensure that you’re able to order parts and pieces ahead of time. (Hey, you can even have them use a sheet to keep track of everything like above, or check out our awesome asset tracker).
  • Collect your Chromebooks
  • Tap into your students! If each student simply power washes their Chromebook for you at the end of the year, your team won’t have to go through thousands of devices on your own.


  • Make sure you get plenty of rest. Students tend to “check-out” at the end of the year and dealing with extra misbehavior could take a toll on your mind. Make sure you brew your favorite coffee, grab your favorite snack, and remember… in a couple more weeks the halls will be empty!
  • Check out MVP Club, and earn yourself some much deserved swag, and even gift cards toward some new books to read on the beach.
  • Don’t plan to do TOO much! Spend time with family, and take a great vacation! Maybe even check out some great conferences like ISTE, where you can even see the Spazmatics live with GoGuardian! (Register with the link above, tickets are limited, and the early bird catches the worm!)

What are some tips/tricks that YOU use to prep for the summer? Share with us in the comments below.

Special thanks given to the following Admins for offering their advice, tips and tricks: Blair Mishleau, Scott Schneider, Jeffrey Bushman, & Daniel Mares.