New Feature
November 2, 2022

GoGuardian for iOS, macOS, and Windows

GoGuardian for iOS, macOS, and Windows

GoGuardian is excited to announce that our three core products can now be deployed to multiple devices or operating systems!

Our new native deployment method allows GoGuardian Admin, Beacon, and Teacher to be deployed on school-issued iOS, macOS, or Windows devices.

A single deployment method for a mixed-device environment not only provides increased student safety and on-task learning, but also provides operational efficiency for your IT department, saving valuable time.

The GoGuardian App is deployed using one of the supported mobile device manager (MDM) applications, which applies GoGuardian directly to the device itself and reduces latency. 

Learn more about the benefits of the GoGuardian App deployment.

Have questions or want to sign up for a free trial of one of our solutions? Reach out to your GoGuardian representative or fill out this form.

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