November 2, 2022

Extend Your GoGuardian Products to iOS, MacOS, and Windows Devices

Kevin Dorsey, Ed.D.
A graphic of GoGuardian dashboard screens

Technology departments in schools support more devices and applications than ever before. Managing the ever-increasing number of items placed on the tech team can sometimes feel overwhelming. Consolidation of technology applications creates the opportunity to streamline processes and increase efficiency. That’s why GoGuardian developed the GoGuardian App deployment method — to support a variety of school-managed devices.

The GoGuardian App deployment currently supports Admin and Beacon on iOS, macOS, and Windows devices. GoGuardian Teacher is now available for iOS and Windows as well.

How does the GoGuardian App work?

The GoGuardian App is deployed via one of the supported mobile device manager (MDM) applications, bringing GoGuardian productsdirectly to the device itself. With the GoGuardian App deployment, there is no need to proxy the internet browser, ridding you of latency and granting you the ability to filter the most commonly used web browsers with one application. Additionally, one deployment method for all non-Chromebook devices enhances management of any combination of GoGuardian's solutions.

Why use the GoGuardian App?

As a former Director of Technology, having one deployment method for managed devices is a game changer for technology departments who want to expand the use of GoGuardian Admin, Teacher, and Beacon. Providing teachers and students access to these tools will expand your school’s ability to keep students safer on their devices and increase students’ time on tasks when using district devices.

The new deployment method is of huge value for Beacon customers who want to extend insights into student online behavior across iOS, macOS, and Windows devices. It supports all three versions of Beacon, including Starter, Core, and 24/7.

To learn more about the GoGuardian App or to start a free trial, please reach out to your GoGuardian representative or submit this free trial form.