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February 2, 2021

Threats & Violence Categories

GoGuardian Beacon

Threats & Violence Categories

Beacon now monitors and detects Threats and Violence related content.

We have added coverage for four new categories including Guns and Bombs, Violent Acts, Bullying, and Historical Acts. The Threats and Violence model will generate alerts if students search for content such as “what is the recommended way to transport a firearm?“, “how to kill the entire school”, “how to stop bullying”, and “simonsdale elementary school shooting.”

Here are the definitions for each category:·      

Guns and Bombs - defined as online searches for guns and bombs inquiring about how to acquire, build, use, conceal, or transport the gun or bomb.
Violent Acts - defined as online searches inquiring about how to commit a violent act, how to obtain the means to commit a violent act, or expressing a desire to commit a violent act.
Bullying - defined as online searches indicating that the user may be a victim of bullying, harassment, or threats or is seeking help to stop bullying, harassment, or threats.
Historical Acts - defined as online searches directly referencing specific school shootings or attacks, or specific perpetrators of those attacks.

To begin monitoring and detecting for Threats and Violence content, customers can simply go to Alert Preferences and toggle on the desired category.

A screenshot of GoGuardian Beacon with the threats and violence tab highlighted, as well as the guns and bombs, violent acts, bullying, and historical acts buttons highlighted

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