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March 2, 2020

Beacon 24/7

GoGuardian Beacon

Beacon 24/7

Beacon just got better with 24/7 coverage. With Beacon 24/7, customers can now add human monitoring and escalation services for Active Planning (AP) alerts to prevent suicides.

What is Beacon 24/7?
GoGuardian Beacon is a software tool designed to assist counselors, IT administrators, and school officials in identifying students contemplating suicide or self-harm.  Beacon scans the full content of all online activity and websites (searches, documents, & emails) on a student's school-issued chrome browser.  It sends an alert if GoGuardian’s AI engine detects that a student has accessed suicide-related content.  Beacon 24/7 adds human monitoring and escalation services comprised of trained Safety Support Specialist (SSS) team members who review and escalate Active Planning (AP) alerts for schools and districts 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Schools can now have peace of mind during school off hours, knowing that our team of SSS are reviewing all Active Planning alerts to prevent suicides.

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