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Conversations About:

Student Privacy and Safety

Watch the on-demand recording from our recent livestream event.

Join the discussion with your community and the experts

Hear from mental health professionals, parents, school partners, and privacy experts on the intricate relationship between student privacy and mental health support.

Jonathan B. Singer, PhD, LCSW

American Association of Suicidology

Rebecca Garcia

Nevada PTA

Anisha Reddy

Policy Counsel
Future of Privacy Forum

Dr. Alyssa Moore

Lead, Digital Learning Office
Delaware Department of Education

Student privacy is an issue that parents, schools, and policymakers all care deeply about. Coupled with student mental health, they are two of the most critical and complex topics that we explore daily in our mission to help create safer online experiences for students.

Knowing that nearly 80% of youth receiving mental health support access those services within their schools, it’s essential to ask: how can we help schools identify students at risk for mental health crises while respecting student privacy?

We are proud to bring you another installment of Conversations About, a virtual event series for educators and administrators.

For more about our commitment to privacy, visit our Trust & Privacy Center.

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