March 15, 2023

New Feature: Seamlessly Launch Pear Deck Presentations within GoGuardian Teacher

GoGuardian Team
An illustration of teachers with Pear Deck graphics

Teachers, do you juggle too many open browser tabs and jump from one workflow to another during class — all while trying to keep your students engaged with the right content? Pear Deck Instant Share is here to help! 

An easier way to share Pear Deck with students

We’re excited to announce a new integration that enables educators to launch Pear Deck presentations to their students, all within a live GoGuardian Teacher session. With this, there’s no need to navigate to a new tab or window or share a Pear Deck join code or link with students. Students will automatically join Pear Deck presentations when shared through GoGuardian teacher.

What is Pear Deck?

Pear Deck is an interactive lesson platform designed to support proven strategies in daily classroom instruction, making it easy for teachers to follow the best practices that reduce achievement gaps and improve outcomes for all students.

More ways to differentiate instruction in the classroom 

With Pear Deck Instant Share, educators can launch different presentations for individual students or groups of students, allowing them to further individualize learning for specific sets of students. For example, if you have multilingual learners that need additional scaffolding, you can easily share a particular Pear Deck lesson with them while the rest of the class works through a different Pear Deck lesson. With differentiated instruction, students can gain a deeper understanding of what’s being taught and feel more confident in their learning journey. 

Once students engage with their respective Pear Deck presentations, educators can confirm at a glance if students are accessing the appropriate content through real-time views of student activity.Plus, you can provide additional guidance in the moment by sending them a message. 

Start using Pear Deck and GoGuardian Teacher together 

If you’re not already a Pear Deck user, be sure to sign up for a free trial of Pear Deck Premium through your GoGuardian Teacher dashboard and experience a new way to deliver interactive, engaging lessons from a platform you already know and love. Log into your GoGuardian Teacher account and select the Peary icon in the bottom left hand corner to give it a try. 

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