February 20, 2020

NEW: GoGuardian Releases Parent Reporting with GoGuardian Parent App

GoGuardian Team
Image of two phones with parent app on screens

Do you have GoGuardian Admin? Get the step-by-step instructions to enable the GoGuardian Parent App here.

The GoGuardian Parent App

As school-issued devices become more common in schools and classrooms, parents increasingly wonder about the content their children interact with online. Parents want to make sure that their children are using these devices safely and productively.

GoGuardian Admin now comes with a new parent reporting app that enables schools to share students’ online activity with their parents or guardians. This simple app is managed by the school’s IT administrator, but downloaded and used by parents on their own, eliminating the need to manually share student activity.

Do you have GoGuardian Admin? The Parent App is free and included with GoGuardian Admin licenses. Get the step-by-step instructions to enable the GoGuardian Parent App here.

Why is this important?  

GoGuardian Parent App’s intuitive interface and illustrative charts quickly communicate the student’s online activity so that parents can be more connected and have the information they need to have open and honest conversations with their students. By having direct access to their student’s data, parents will no longer need to request updates from school faculty.

What will these reports show?

The GoGuardian Parent App can show which websites, apps, and extensions a student uses. Also, if a school uses GoGuardian Teacher, it can show how often teachers have issued intervention commands, like locking screens or closing tabs.  

GoGuardian Parent App works for both iOS and Android. It can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

We’re able to encourage positive digital citizenship and we’re able to notify parents and provide them with concise PDF reports so that they know what their students are doing in school.“ - Gary Lambert, Director of 21st Century Learning, Beekmantown Central School District

For more information, visit our support pages for the GoGuardian Parent App.