October 11, 2022

New: Share Your Scenes in GoGuardian Teacher

GoGuardian Team
An illustration of two teachers giving each other a high-five in front of a Scenes dashboard

We’re excited to announce you can now share Scenes with other educators at your school or district in GoGuardian Teacher! As you know, Scenes provide thoughtful guardrails for students by limiting or granting access to websites that don’t pertain to lesson plans. Through the use of Scenes, you can block or allow websites during classroom sessions to keep students focused and engaged.

With this new release, you now have another valuable resource to use across your PLCs, departments, or even with a co-teacher. We know collaboration makes teams stronger, and duplicating efforts takes precious time away from teachers. That’s why we’ve created a feature that allows you and your fellow teachers to leverage existing work for more effective instruction. 

If you have a go-to Scene a fellow teacher could benefit from, now you can help them curate their digital classroom environment by sharing that Scene with them! For example, your “Testing” Scene might help the teacher across the hall keep their students focused when an assessment is administered. 

A shared Scene can be used as is or copied and modified to meet the needs of the recipient’s class. Don’t worry — changes made to your shared Scene by another teacher will not be reflected in your original Scene. 

Alternatively, if you need help creating your first Scene, now you can ask a colleague to share their existing Scene as a starting point. Simply have them follow this step-by-step guide for sharing Scenes. 

Create and share Scenes today!