May 1, 2020

Meet Savvy Anavkar, Implementation Specialist

GoGuardian Team
Savvy Anavkar headshot

This week, we are spotlighting the members of our Implementation Team. This team ensures that customers experience a seamless deployment of GoGuardian and provides goals-based, tailored product configuration and Super User training. They work primarily with GoGuardian users during the trial process, but also support onboardings of new and current customers.

Today’s interview is Implementation Specialist Savvy Anavkar. Savvy has a background in industrial engineering, acting, and corporate entertainment.

What would you like people to understand about GoGuardian implementation?

There are a lot of learning opportunities and collaborations that can happen between client-facing and non client-facing teams. For example, Implementation gets questions from customers about best practices that the Research and Insights Team can help answer. What are trends when it comes to student’s well-being? For example, blocking Facebook versus un-blocking Facebook—what is the impact there?

What’s your favorite GoGuardian product to implement, and why?

My favorite product to implement is GoGuardian Beacon because I am a big advocate for mental health and well-being.

What’s one team collaboration that has been very productive recently?

The GoGuardian Beacon team. Just based on my own personal passion for mental health, I love getting to know that this is a product that will help students with something beyond just education. I really value being able to be part of this initiative, knowing that this is a process we’re making better, and to offer assistance.

What’s the most rewarding overall aspect of GoGuardian implementation?

I like the customer’s a-ha moments, when they realize how they could really be benefiting from our products—when they realize that this is going to be something very useful. I also like connecting with them on non-GoGuardian stuff, being able to have conversations and connect with them on a human level. We’re strangers but we’re able to connect on an understanding of our caring and love for education and for students.

What is a book you’ve read or film you’ve watched recently that you recommend?

I’m currently reading The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown. It’s about the link between vulnerability and shame and the way that society has programmed us to think about ourselves in different situations—and how this affects not only us, but those we are associated with. This book is all about authenticity in everything that you do.

What’s the most interesting recipe or life-hack that you’ve discovered since working from home?

Getting a buzz cut really helps cut down the time of preparation every morning. I always take a shower at night now. It’s the best feeling to take a shower at night and then not have to worry about getting ready the next morning.

When you’re not working at GoGuardian, what are you doing?

Dancing. I love breaking into dance anywhere to pretty much anything. I’m on an endless quest to find the best fish tacos, rose lattes, and creme brulees in town. I live for spontaneity and new adventures. I am fascinated by people’s stories, so I thrive on meaningful connections and conversations, whether it be with people I know or even strangers.