October 28, 2019

Internal Buyback Program Leads with Purpose

Elizabeth Dadanian
A group of people at 2019's AngelHack's Hackathon

Giving back to the community comes in various forms, but being intentional in those efforts is fundamental for any organization. For GoGuardian, this rings even truer as we look at how and where we can make a bigger impact beyond our tools to the next generation of leaders. So, as we were about to embark on an office move last month, we knew there was an opportunity to give back.

Ahead of the move, our brilliant IT team conducted an inventory check to see what devices were in use and which were not—and for those that weren’t, they were tasked to figure out what to do with them. We realized the unused inventory needed new homes. Rather than donate them outright, we decided to offer these devices at a discounted rate to our fellow GoGuardians, match the amount accumulated, and donate it to a local organization whose mission is aligned with our goal to better our community and those students that make it up. A simple and seamless ask that goes much further than a single transaction.

At GoGuardian, we believe we have a responsibility to give back to the system, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have helped sponsor AngelHack’s hackathon this past weekend in Santa Monica by donating $4k to their program and the 12-hour special event. This unique organization hosted over 100 students who are interested in all things tech and programming, encouraging any and all middle and high school kids to participate. With this mission, GoGuardian is proud to help facilitate a lasting change in our backyard. We are eagerly on a mission to continue supporting these efforts in the future.

A photo from AngelHack's 2019 hackathon