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June 24, 2016

How to Push A Chrome Extension To All Users: Google Admin Console Tutorial

Rebecca Sadwick

The Google Admin Console makes it easy to push a Chrome extension out to all of your users, or all of your users in specific OUs (organizational units).

You can decide to push an extension to every user and every OU, or exclude certain ones. You’ll likely want to put all teachers in their own OU, as the extensions you wish to install on student devices may not be the same ones you want teachers to have.

Steps to pushing out a Chrome extension to all users:

  1. Go to the Google Admin Console, and sign in using your administrator-level G Suite for Education account.
  2. Click on Devices (formerly device management).
GAFE Devices Selection 2019

3. Select "Chrome Devices", listed under the Device Settings menu:

4. Click on User Settings.

5. Select the Organizational Unit (OU) that contains the users you would like to push the extension to. If you would like to push the extension to multiple OUs, simply repeat steps 5-12 for all relevant OUs.

OU Levels GAFE 2016

Note: by default, your highest level OU will be selected. Every OU beneath the selected OU will inherit these OU settings, including force-installed extensions.

6. Scroll to the "Apps and Extensions" section, and click "Manage force-installed apps" in the Force-installed Apps and Extensions section.

Force install extensions GAFE

7. Select "Specify a Custom App".

Specify Custom App

8. Add the two extension IDs and URLs found in your Deployment page.

9. Click Add.

10. Make sure that the extension IDs appear in your "Total to force install" panel:

Extension IDs GAFE

11. Press Save.

12. Save again at the bottom of the screen. Note: If you click DISCARD all of your changes to this point will be removed and the app or extension will not be deployed to your users. Leaving this page without clicking on SAVE first will also result in all changes to this point being removed.

13. As mentioned in step 5, you will need to repeat steps 5-12 for all remaining OUs containing the users to whom you would like to push the extension.

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