January 17, 2024

How GoGuardian's Latest Update Addresses Proxy Challenges in Education

GoGuardian Team
A man looks at his computer and a tablet

In the ever-evolving landscape of edtech, IT Administrators face a formidable adversary: web proxies. These tools have an outsized impact, making the task of ensuring students have safe and age-appropriate access to online resources inside and outside of the classroom a real challenge.

So, what are proxies and why are they such a challenge for school administrators? Internet proxies are intermediary servers that help students bypass content restrictions and access blocked sites. Students often employ proxies to circumvent a school’s content filtering system and gain unrestricted access to inappropriate and distracting content. 

IT administrators face two challenges when it comes to proxies. First, the dynamic nature of proxies means new technologies and protocols are constantly popping up, requiring administrators to constantly stay one step ahead. Second, the widespread availability of proxies makes it challenging to create a foolproof defense against such a large field.

GoGuardian addresses Proxies by using machine learning to identify likely sites and then automatically blocking any attempts to access the site. We regularly update our system as new proxy protocols and sites are developed. That’s why we’ve recently released a new version of our proxy detection system designed to automatically update itself as new types of proxies are released. Our updated proxy detection logic automatically adapts to changes to stay one step ahead of students to help ensure a safe and effective learning environment. We are committed to staying at the forefront of school filtering technologies to ensure the most intuitive and effective protection on the market.

As students navigate the digital realm, GoGuardian's vigilant stance against proxies is a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering a safe and effective learning environment. By harnessing innovative technologies and continuously updating our systems, we aim to empower IT administrators, educators, and caregivers in the collective mission of nurturing responsible digital citizenship.