March 23, 2021

Announcing GoGuardian Teacher Instructional Integration With Google Classroom

GoGuardian Team
A screenshot of an open tab pop-up

GoGuardian Teacher™ has released its first-ever instructional integration with Google Classroom! With this new integration, teachers can access their Google Classroom assignments, materials, and other Classwork from within GoGuardian Teacher’s powerful classroom management solution and seamlessly distribute them to students using the Open Tabs feature. By selecting their Google Classroom Classwork from within GoGuardian Teacher and remotely opening it on student devices, teachers can cut down on transitions and maximize instructional time.

What is the update?

Although GoGuardian has long synced with Google Classroom rostering for classroom set-up, this new integration taps into the instructional side of Google Classroom by syncing with teachers’ library of quizzes, assignments, and other Google Classroom Classwork. Now when teachers click to open a tab for students in GoGuardian Teacher, they will be presented with their Google Classroom Classwork, so they can easily select the assignments or quizzes they want to distribute and remotely open them on student devices.

Why was this built?

We know every second in the classroom counts. With so many of our teachers utilizing Google Classroom for their instructional content, even those extra few moments teachers spend navigating between Google Classroom to find the right Classwork and then GoGuardian Teacher to distribute that Classwork takes away from instructional time for students. By integrating with Google Classroom and presenting teachers with their Google Classroom Classwork from within GoGuardian Teacher, we can help significantly reduce the steps teachers take in common workflows, helping them maximize their instructional time in class.

How does it work?

Now when a teacher clicks to open a tab for students, in addition to being able to type out or paste a URL, they will see a Google Classroom tab. By clicking that tab, they can sync their Google Classroom Classwork and view their library of assignments, quizzes, and other materials.

Open Tabs on the Google Classroom interface
Sync your Google Classroom Classwork and view your library of assignments, quizzes, and more.

Teachers can filter the Google Classroom Classwork they see by using checkboxes at the top to select assignments, materials, and more. Teachers can also open more than one tab for students by selecting multiple resources and then clicking “Open Tab” to remotely open them on student devices.

Now with this Google Classroom integration, teachers can seamlessly distribute their Google Classroom Classwork to students within GoGuardian Teacher using the Open Tabs feature, helping to maximize instructional time during class. Our step-by-step instructions make the process easy.

What else should we know?

We want to know what you think! Is this helpful to your classrooms? If teachers find this valuable, we can imagine building upon this Google Classroom integration further— perhaps with a GoGuardian Teacher Scenes integration that lets teachers view their Google Classroom Classwork as they set up a Scene, so they can easily restrict browsing to only the Google Classroom materials selected. Let us know your thoughts at

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