October 19, 2015

GoGuardian: Safer Students. Better Learning.

Rebecca Sadwick
An illustration of a teacher looking out at three computer screens

GoGuardian for Teachers: Maximize Learning. Minimize Distractions

GoGuardian Teacher™ is a Chromebook-based application that allows teachers to maximize the benefits of digital learning in their classrooms.

GoGuardian for Teachers allows teachers to better understand and control the way Chromebooks are used in their classrooms. From a user-friendly portal, teachers are able keep students focused on lessons and resources, direct students to new tabs, and close off-topic tabs on one or multiple devices with the click of a mouse. GoGuardian for Teachers aids classroom focus and communication between teachers and students, increasing the value of other in-class softwares without interfering with their use.

Features include:

  • Screen Viewer
  • — live stream of students’ screens in a single window.
  • Activity Timeline
  • — real-time and historic insight into when, where, and how students are using devices.
  • Tab Control
  • — instantly send one or more students to a specific website in a new tab.
  • Attention Mode
  • — close tabs, darken screens, or lock devices for “eyes up front” focus.

Teachers cite “the ability to track student progress” and “turn classwork assignments into realtime learning experiences.” The insights GoGuardian for Teachers provides creates an “interactive, continuous learning and feedback dynamic,” facilitating “better communication and guidance” between educators and students.

GoGuardian for Admins: Protect your students -

and your devices.

Chromebooks are a great way for teachers to engage with students and provide access to resources. But with that opportunity comes the potential for students to stumble across harmful content or become distracted by videos, games, social media, and more.

With GoGuardian Admin™, not only are your students protected when they’re online, but you’ll also gain access to powerful analytics and data that can be used to improve learning.

Features Include:

  • Advanced YouTube™ Filter:
  • YouTube can be a great teaching resource, so it’s a shame that many schools are forced to block the whole site simply for lack of a better filter. With GoGuardian, you have precise control over which videos are viewable, creating a safe viewing environment for your students.
  • Customized Activity Flagging
  • : Marks questionable content for review without the need to blacklist entire sites. You can also flag specific searches or behaviors that might be harmful, and take appropriate action when needed thanks to instant email alerts.
  • Theft Recovery
  • : Find out what happened to those missing Chromebooks with just a few clicks. Once activated, GoGuardian Theft Recovery will provide vital information for fast recovery or reporting to authorities.
  • Constant Protection
  • : The Internet is always “on”—your filtering software should be, too. GoGuardian protects your students (and your devices) around the clock—both inside and outside the classroom.

About GoGuardian

Founded in California in 2014, GoGuardian is transforming the way schools use technology. GoGuardian’s first product, GoGuardian for Administrators, provides schools with the most advanced student safety and device management tools available. GoGuardian for Teachers fundamentally changes the educational value of each Chromebook used in schools. By providing educators with an easy-to-use platform that lets them engage with students and promote responsible digital citizenship, they are able to discover how students best learn and adapt to meet their needs.

To sign up for a free trial, use the Sign Up button in the upper right corner of your screen, and we’ll take care of the rest. Then, get ready to start enjoying more control of your Chromebooks—and your classroom—then ever before.

We love hearing about the ways you use GoGuardian for Teachers and GoGuardian for Admins. Let us know what's working and what else you'd like to see in our products by commenting below, or chatting with us any time.