February 22, 2016

GoGuardian for Teachers Now Syncs With Google Classroom

Tyler Shaddix
An illustration of several tech devices with a calendar and files

Based on requests from hundreds of customers, teachers are now able to sync classes they have already created through Google Classroom with their GoGuardian for Teachers dashboard.

This integration pairs Google’s robust tools to organize and disseminate assignments and information with GoGuardian’s tools facilitating classroom management and communication. Teachers can connect with their students in real-time and ensure that students are always protected from harmful or distracting content, while navigating through assignments that are easily distributed and collected through Google Classroom.

Teachers can now add their Google Classrooms to GoGuardian for Teachers with the click of a button. Students will be synced automatically from Google Classroom, allowing teachers to manage their students completely on Google Classroom with GoGuardian syncing changes automatically. Just as before, you can also create classrooms by adding students by enroll link, email, or CSV, allowing you to have both custom and Google classrooms.

See for yourself how easy it is to sync classes in your GoGuardian for Teachers dashboard in this video.