August 14, 2023

Explore the Enhanced GoGuardian Teacher for a New School Year

GoGuardian Team
A screenshot of drag and drop

Experience a fresh new look and enhanced functionality with GoGuardian Teacher for the upcoming school year. We are delighted to unveil a range of enhancements that will make your teaching journey even more seamless and effective – including the ability to easily discover and use key features, rearrange student tiles in a live session, and more.

Learn how these updates will empower you to create a dynamic and engaging classroom environment.

A gif of the drag and drop functionality

Rearrange students and classrooms with ease

Embrace the flexibility to customize your classroom setup. With our new “Drag and Drop” functionality, you can rearrange students and classrooms within GoGuardian Teacher in ways that better suit your teaching. 

Users can now:

  • Rearrange student tiles within a live session to match your seating chart or prioritize students who could use additional support
  • Adjust students from one group to another as they complete assignments
  • Organize your classes in the classroom dashboard according to your day’s schedule

If you’re ready to give this new functionality a try, launch a GoGuardian Teacher session to select, drag, and drop a student tile – or read this Help article for detailed instructions!

A screenshot of the new interface of GGT

Easier navigation with an enhanced screens view

Navigating a live session has never been easier. Notice the enhanced prominence of key features such as opening and closing tabs, locking devices, applying Scenes, and screen sharing in the Screens View. Rather than having to select a student to apply these functionalities, you’ll now see these options at all times in a header near the top of your Screens View, making it intuitive to guide your students toward appropriate and personalized content.

Selective Scene application for seamless transitions

You now also have the ability to apply a Scene to select students, all while maintaining any existing applied Scene for the remainder of the students. Enjoy a seamless transition as you adapt instruction to cater to individual needs, all within the same session.

Welcome back to school! We hope you embrace these upgrades in your next GoGuardian Teacher session.