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May 12, 2022

End-of-Year Best Practices: What to do before your school closes for the summer

GoGuardian Team

It’s that time of year — when loose ends are being tied up neatly before summer and classroom devices are getting prepped for a seasonal break. To help you align your GoGuardian account settings with your district’s tech plans for the summer, we’ve compiled a handy checklist of best practices for closing out the year in your GoGuardian collection of tools.

We’ve listed the tips below according to each product, with links to detailed instructions included.

Org Management

  • Update user accounts
    Archive accounts that are no longer needed to prevent their classes from running. Pro tip: Create new user accounts and enable a product to get ahead for the next school year! 
  • Manage or update any user permissions
    Edit permissions for staff members who have changed roles to ensure they have the appropriate access to products and student information. 
  • Apply GoGuardian extensions to new Org Units
    Follow our GoGuardian install guides for Admin and Teacher to ensure your new students receive the GoGuardian extensions upon their first login next year.
GG Teacher - EOY

GoGuardian Teacher

GG Admin - EOY

GoGuardian Admin

  • Manually sync your Google Admin Console
    Manually sync GAC to make sure any students graduating or leaving the district are no longer in the GoGuardian system.  
  • Update filtering and monitoring settings to “Out of School Mode”
    Check your "Out of School Mode" settings at the end of the school year to ensure it is set appropriately for your district's needs.
  • Remove students from your Penalty Box
    Remove any students currently in the Penalty Box to resume the new school year with normal filtering for all students at the OU level.
  • Dismiss alerts in Smart Alerts
    Dismiss smart alerts from the prior school year to start the upcoming school year with a clean slate.
GG Beacon - Card - EOY

GoGuardian Beacon

  • Update your escalation list
    Review and update your staff escalation list so the correct staff members are notified in the event of an alert. 
  • Update your summer school hours and after-school notifications
    Enable after-school notifications in Beacon Settings>School Hours to activate your escalation list and send email notifications during summer break.
fleet export inventory 16x9

GoGuardian Fleet

  • Unassign students from Chromebooks
    Remove any students who are unenrolling or graduating from school-issued devices by unassigning them in Fleet.

Be sure to reference this guide as you go through each GoGuardian product — and when you double check your work after you’ve finished. As another best practice, review this list once more before the next school year, to remind yourself to toggle on the settings you’ve deactivated.

Thank you for all the hard work, time, and heart you put into this school year. We are grateful for the world-changing work you do every day. We wish you an enjoyable and restful summer break!