May 17, 2023

End-of-Year Best Practices: What to do Before Your School Closes for the Summer

GoGuardian Team
A teacher raises her hands to the sky in happiness

It’s that time of year again — when loose ends are being tied up neatly before summer and classroom devices are getting prepped for a seasonal break. To help you align your GoGuardian account settings with your district’s tech plans for the summer, we’ve compiled a handy checklist of best practices for closing out the year in your GoGuardian collection of tools.

We’ve listed the tips below according to each product, with links to detailed instructions included.

Org Management

  • Update “Out of School Mode” - Align "Out of School Mode" with summer plans
  • Manually sync Google Admin Console - Sync GAC to remove students that are graduating or leaving the district
  • Update user accounts - Archive accounts that are no longer needed to prevent their classes from running
  • Update user permissions - Edit permissions for staff members who have changed roles to ensure appropriate access
A screenshot of User Management UI

GoGuardian Teacher

A screenshot of GoGuardian Teacher's UI

GoGuardian Admin

  • Audit Custom Groups - Remove students from Custom Groups and create a new group for customized summer school filtering
  • Update Chromebook device status - If needed, update device status in Fleet
A screenshot of GoGuardian Admin's UI

GoGuardian Beacon

  • Update your escalation list - Review and update your staff escalation list so correct staff members are notified in the event of an alert
  • Update your school hours - Enable After School Notifications to activate your escalation list and send email notifications during summer break
  • Download alert data - Download a CSV of your Beacon alert insights from the Beacon Dashboard for end-of-year reporting (available for Beacon Core and 24/7)
A screenshot of the GoGuardian Beacon UI

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Thank you for all you’ve done to support your students and community this school year. The world is a better place because of all that you do for schools and students.