June 28, 2021

GoGuardian and Edulastic Are Teaming Up to Transform Digital Learning

GoGuardian Team
Introducing Edulastic by GoGuardian

Today, we announced Edulastic is joining GoGuardian! We want to share what this acquisition means for our teams and educators everywhere.

GoGuardian and Edulastic are joining together because we believe that through education, we can transform the future. Together we can imagine a future where every student is ready and inspired to solve the world’s greatest challenges. We are inspired by this shared vision and confident you will see this relationship as a continuation of our commitment to serving educators and students.

This acquisition brings Edulastic’s comprehensive, standards-aligned online assessments to GoGuardian’s award-winning suite of digital learning technologies like GoGuardian Teacher and Pear Deck. Combined with GoGuardian’s existing solutions, Edulastic’s best-in-class formative assessments further GoGuardian’s mission to create the ultimate learning platform.

In every learning environment, formative assessments are a key component of providing meaningful educational experiences that support positive learning outcomes. Edulastic helps educators quickly identify areas for improvement, give students differentiated assignments to meet their individual learning needs, and monitor progress toward standards mastery. These opportunities to understand in-progress learning are especially critical now as educators work to counteract unfinished learning during the pandemic and better meet students where they are at. Together, we can advance our shared mission and create new solutions that help educators do their best work in environments where students can thrive.

This news won’t change what you know and love about GoGuardian or Edulastic. Our commitment to our customers remains our first and highest priority. As our valued partners, we’ll be listening closely to your feedback and suggestions, and keeping you informed as our plans evolve.

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