November 2, 2022

Ask the Right Questions to Support Student Online Safety

GoGuardian Team
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This piece originally appeared on the National PTA website on October 31, 2022.

November is Parent Involvement Month, and there are few topics needing attention more than children’s online safety. But it’s not always easy to know where to begin. What type of digital safety measures should you expect schools to have in place? How do you know if your school or district is following best practices?

National PTA recently teamed up with GoGuardian to create a straightforward resource for parents who want to promote effective digital safety practices in their school community. Inside, you’ll find a list of questions you can ask to better understand your district’s current digital safety plans and to open a dialogue about digital safety in your community.

What’s in your school’s digital safety plan?

Check out this new resource from National PTA and GoGuardian!

An infographic about student safety
Check out these statistics from the Morning Consult survey.

Why understand student online activity?

1. Safeguard student mental health and safety.

80% of K-12 parents believe unrestricted access to the Internet can be harmful to student mental health.

2. Protect children from harmful content.

92% of parents believe it’s necessary to have online educational technologies in place to prevent such access.                  

3. Keep students on task while learning online.

90% of parents believe it is necessary to have online education technologies in place that keep students away from digital distractions.    

Source: The statistics above were drawn from a recent blind survey by Morning Consult of a nationally representative group of nearly 2,500 K-12 parents, teachers, and administrators.

GoGuardian has been a Proud National Sponsor of PTA since 2018 and is supporting the release of its updated National Standards for Family-School Partnerships — going live this month! GoGuardian and the National PTA are committed to student success. Together, they are working to engage families and educators on solutions to best support student mental health and online safety.