January 31, 2020

A Day with Pennekamp Elementary at GoGuardian

GoGuardian Team
A group of students watches a presentation

A couple of months ago, GoGuardian employees got their heads together and mused about how great it would be to invite K-12 students to come into the office and see what EdTech is all about. It wasn’t long before a simple brainstorming session turned into 90 fifth graders from Pennekamp School in Manhattan Beach rolling up in two long school buses!

The day started with an awesome welcome breakfast, followed by robotics activities from Snapology. The students then got to learn from a career panel of GoGuardian employees who spoke about what they loved in the fifth grade and how those interests helped lead them to their STEAM careers today. After the panel, the students were treated to lunch in GoGuardian’s cafeteria and an office tour to see where the teams collaborate day-in and day-out.

At GoGuardian, we believe that education is the highest point of leverage for improving society. We dedicate ourselves to understanding how to use the internet to help kids learn while keeping them safe. We also realize that our company is where it is today because of talented teachers who helped each one of us along the way.

Below is a collection of notes we received from students who participated in the field trip.

“Thank you so much for the fun experience at GoGuardian. All of my classmates loved it. When I grow up, I want to work at GoGuardian as an inventor. I loved the space and all the places in the building. It was also very peaceful.”

“Thank you for an amazing field trip. You really inspired me to do what I love and that is math. You guys really look like you know what you’re doing. It looked so put together in the office space. I loved talking to the staff members. I really enjoyed the time I had there.”

“Thank you so much for letting us take a field trip at GoGuardian. I had a blast making the dancing robot! Watching you guys answer Q&A questions was so fun and inspiring. Everyone LOVED the food there and I want to come there again. Ever since that field trip being a product designer sounds fun.”

“Thank you so much for inviting Pennekamp 5th Grade. I had an amazing time. You guys were so nice, patient and kind.”

We want to give a big thank YOU to Pennekamp's parents, administration, and students. And a special thanks to the fifth-grade teachers who partnered with us to organize this wonderful field trip that was just as fulfilling for us as it was for the students.

Pennekamp thank you cards to GoGuardian