September 14, 2023

4 Ways Edtech Tools Drive Student Engagement and Build Classroom Culture

Ryan Hetchler
A group of students around their laptops

As a teacher, I constantly wondered how to get students more engaged in my lessons. As an administrator, this question was the guiding force of my coaching.  Student engagement can be tough to define and difficult to systematize, but for anyone who’s walked into a highly engaged classroom, it’s immediately apparent.

In my experience, it’s almost a direct path from increased student engagement to stronger learning outcomes. The two combined can often mean improved classroom culture, and in turn, higher teacher retention and other major benefits. There are four key ways that edtech tools can increase student engagement, and when done correctly, be a catalyst for building a culture of learning.

To discover the four ways edtech tools drive student engagement and build classroom culture, please check out the full article on eSchool News.