October 1, 2020

Student Call Declined Reasons

GoGuardian Teacher

Student Call Declined Reasons

With the challenges of virtual learning taking place in students’ homes, this can lead to a larger communication gap between teachers and students when a student is absent from the virtual classroom. There can be a number of reasons why a student may not be able to answer a teacher’s call invitation on time; and if chat is not turned on, this could lead to a particularly frustrating experience for the teacher, who has no way to understand why their student didn’t join a call. After a student declines a call, they will now have the ability to provide a reason to their teacher (“I’m feeling sick”, “I’m getting ready”, or “I need privacy”). If the three options provided do not apply, the student can select “Other” and type in their own reason.

A screen that reads please let your teacher know why you can't join the call

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