April 1, 2021

Scenes Reboot (Phase 2a)

GoGuardian Teacher

Scenes Reboot (Phase 2a)

Teachers commonly want their students to have access to just a few specific Youtube videos for the day’s lesson, but they don’t want students to be able to browse all of Youtube freely. Previously, Scenes filter logic did not support query matches, meaning that it would either block or allow ALL of Youtube regardless of whether just the domain (Youtube.com) or URL containing a query (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhceoUdBM20) was entered — you can imagine the level of frustration this caused teachers when they saw their students browsing other Youtube videos even after a Scene was applied.In Phase 1, we rewrote the entire backend and filter logic to not only improve reliability, maintainability, and performance, but to also support correct URL matching. In Phase 2a, we continued to improve Scenes filter logic with another major update: to support Youtube query matches. This means teachers will now be able to successfully block or allow specific Youtube videos, without accidentally blocking or allowing all of Youtube in the process.

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