January 28, 2021

Scenes Reboot (Phase 1)

GoGuardian Teacher

Scenes Reboot (Phase 1)

We're revamping our Scenes feature!

GGT’s Scenes infrastructure and filter logic currently has significant gaps that either break the feature or limit its usefulness. To properly kick off the Scenes reboot series, we changed the following:

  1. Infrastructure - All of the Scenes code in the extension was rewritten to improve reliability, maintainability, and performance.
  2. Filter Logic - Scenes filter logic was rewritten from scratch with a focus on performance and correct URL matching.
  3. Bug fixes - We addressed several bugs, but some of the major ones are: scenes will no longer apply to excluded students or whose monitoring is restricted
  4. New features - To lay the foundation for future scenes phases, we’ve already updated the extension and backend to give teachers more control over which sites students can access.

Look out for future phases!

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