New Feature
August 30, 2022

Custom Groups

GoGuardian Admin

Custom Groups

GoGuardian is excited to announce Penalty Box is now Custom Groups!

Custom Groups allows you to create more flexible learning environments with filtering at both the individual student and group levels. You can now create unlimited groups with restricted or unrestricted permissions, automatically remove students at a specific time or date, and much more! 

New Custom Groups features:

  • Create unlimited groups
  • Apply policies to a single student or multiple students that span across OUs
  • Toggle on restricted or unrestricted mode for different group use cases
  • Automatically remove students at a specific time or date
  • Add Co-editors to help you manage groups and policy rules
  • Troubleshoot quickly with visibility into the specific group a student belongs 

Super Users with Full Access permissions can upgrade to Custom Groups by simply navigating to and following the upgrade prompts. If you are not a Super User, please reach out to your IT Admin to complete the upgrade process.

Learn more about the new custom group features here.

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