July 1, 2021

View and Filter Alerts

GoGuardian Beacon

View and Filter Alerts

Beacon has a new filtering option to view alerts in the dashboard! One of the primary roles of a Beacon user is to review alerts and determine the required actions to save student lives. The common user workflow is to review alerts in the dashboard, click on an alert card to review the details such as the alert trigger, browsing history, and words on the page, and then take action on an alert.

In this release, we now support the option to filter alerts by REVIEWED AND CLEARED - NOT SELECTED. This filter will show all alerts where the toggle is NOT SELECTED. This feature is valuable for customers as it allows them to quickly view alerts that have not been REVIEWED AND CLEARED and determine the next steps in their workflow. With this option, users no longer have to scroll through all of the alert cards to identify which alerts have not been reviewed and cleared.

A screenshot of GoGuardian Beacon's alert actions tab

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