New Feature
March 3, 2023

Beacon Dashboard

GoGuardian Beacon

Beacon Dashboard

Turn data into action with the new Beacon Dashboard!

Beacon’s new data-rich alert dashboard provides actionable insight to help Beacon Core and 24/7 users more easily identify trends, evaluate responses to safety alerts, connect students to resources, and ensure adequate staffing and support for stakeholders.

On the Dashboard page, you can find:

  • Visual components and data-rich tables providing an overview into the status and total number of alerts generated 
  • Filter by Deployments, Date Range, Theme/Category
  • View the top alerts generated by deployment
  • View the top alerts generated by student
  • 24/7 Active Planning status by deployment (for Beacon 24/7 customers only)
  • Ability to export data as a CSV

Learn more about the new Beacon Dashboard.

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