New Feature
January 18, 2022

Why Was This Blocked?

GoGuardian Admin

Why Was This Blocked?

To make troubleshooting easier and save users time, we’ve added a new feature that allows IT admins to quickly uncover why a site is blocked. The "Why was this blocked?" feature allows users to easily identify if a site was blocked for the following reasons:

  • Policy rule
  • Global configuration setting
  • Smart Alert
  • Teacher Scene
  • GoGuardian Parent App

Located in the Detailed Browsing History tables of the Activity and All Student pages, this enhancement helps users quickly troubleshoot blocked pages and save time managing the policies for your OUs. Just look for “Why was this blocked?” in the short menu associated with each blocked site.

A gif showing how to use the why was this blocked feature of GoGuardian Teacher

Click HERE to access our guide on this feature.

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